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States for Selling Solar

5 Best States for Selling Solar in the US

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Are you looking to expand your solar business? Discover the top states with booming solar markets, offering lucrative opportunities for solar electricity companies, solar systems companies, and solar power energy companies. Explore the best regions to focus your solar marketing strategies and boost your solar sales.


As the undisputed leader in solar energy, California boasts a thriving solar market with over 150 sunny days annually. It commands 28% of the country’s total installed solar capacity, making it an ideal state for solar sellers. With a projected growth of 25GW in the next 5 years, California offers abundant opportunities for solar businesses.


Florida’s solar market is on the rise, with around 5% of its electricity generated from solar sources. The state’s favorable tax regime and abundant solar resources make it a cost-effective choice for solar sellers. With a projected growth of approximately 11GW in the next 5 years, Florida offers a promising market for solar entrepreneurs. Learn more about solar marketing in Florida.


Known for its vast landscapes, Texas presents a wealth of opportunities for solar sellers. With a project pipeline of 40GW, Texas offers a thriving solar market. The state’s deregulated electricity market and major incentive programs, like the Oncor solar incentive, make it an attractive destination for new sellers.


Nevada has experienced a significant turnaround in its solar outlook, climbing from the 10th to the 4th spot in the SEIA rankings. With a project pipeline of over 7.7GW in the next 5 years, Nevada offers new opportunities for solar sellers. The reinstatement of net metering policies has played a pivotal role in reviving Nevada’s local solar market.


With over $14.3 billion invested in the solar industry, Arizona has become a top solar market in the US. The state’s sunny climate and existing installations powering nearly one million homes make it an attractive destination for solar entrepreneurs. Arizona’s solar energy production accounts for 10% of its total electricity, highlighting its strong solar market.

In conclusion, these top 5 states offer lucrative opportunities for solar sellers. Whether you’re looking to expand your solar business or enter a new market, these states provide a favorable environment for solar entrepreneurship. Leverage the solar marketing strategies tailored to these regions and capitalize on the growing demand for solar energy.

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